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American-Made Solar Prize Round 4 Winners Move Quickly From Ideas To Prototypes

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Solar entrepreneurs face many challenges getting their ideas and products to market. Funding is always an issue, as is raising the company’s profile to garner attention in an often loud and large field of competitors.

Established in early 2018, the American-Made Solar Prize addresses these obstacles as well as a number of less obvious stumbling blocks. This multimillion-dollar competition focuses on encouraging solar innovation and revitalizing solar manufacturing in the United States.

On Sept. 16, the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) announced the winners of the fourth round of the Solar Prize. AeroShield Materials from Boston, Massachusetts, and the r&d lab from Petaluma, California, each received $500,000 to continue developing and commercializing their products and an additional $75,000 in vouchers redeemable for technical support at DOE’s 17 national laboratories as well as other facilities in the American-Made Network.

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