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About Us

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How Can We Have the Largest and Most Immediate Impact?

This is the question we asked ourselves that led to the inception of Starling and Roofing for Solar. Our drive was to create a roof that is the obvious choice for homeowners, and which uses solar to pay for itself. By incorporating solar with a better roof, we enable more efficient scaling of rooftop solar.

Our Team

We are motivated to change roofing, solar, and the world for the better.


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Brian Atchley

CEO,  Founder

Brian Atchley is an engineer with a broad range of experience in the renewable energy field. Driven by a passion for engineering and renewable energy, he brings creativity and ingenuity to the projects he works on. He has extensive mechanical know-how, is honest and fun, and is an inspiring team leader with documented success in high profile projects.

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Amy Atchley

COO,  Founder

Amy Atchley has worked in education for the past 20 years and moved into renewable energy at the start of the pandemic in order to make a bigger impact and to "leave it better than she found it".  

Amy's perseverance and organizational skills combine with a level-headed approach to problem solving to help Starling grow. 

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We are currently updating this section, please check back soon...

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Suzanne Kimbel

Business Advisor

Suzanne Kimbel is an experienced CEO with a career focused on scaling companies at the intersection of software and logistics innovations.


Jim Kimbel

Financial Advisor

Jim Kimbel is a Global Finance Leader with extensive manufacturing, sales & marketing, and general management experience. 

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David Littleton

Supply and Manufacturing

David has helped build supply chains and grow companies in the solar industry from nothing to 50% market share in under two years.


Chad Medcroft

PV Applications Advisor

Chad is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience and leadership in the photovoltaics industry.

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Letitia Hanke

Business Advisor

Letitia is an award winning CEO and Roofer.  She runs her own non-profit to help train youth in the trades and bring music to people of all ages.


Madeline Robinson

Advisor Manufacturing, Operations & Architecture

Madeline is an architect and a manufacturing Engineer. She has her BS in manufacturing with 20 years experience in high precision sheetmetal and 30 years of CAD expertise.

Our Solar Prize Journey

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make solar roofs the obvious choice for anyone, by creating the best looking, most sustainable, most durable, and most affordable roofing available.


Every roof a solar roof.


Relationships and Certifications that help us be better roofers and lend peace of mind.

Starling is a proud partner of the California Solar + Storage Association. 
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