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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to install Solar Panels to get a StarlingRFS Roof?
    No, you can have a beautiful new Starling RFS metal shingle roof without choosing to install solar. A Starling roof is a smart choice because it will last you longer than a traditional asphalt roof.
  • Solar Panels are ugly and I don't want an ugly Roof
    We couldn’t agree more! That is one of the reasons we designed the Starling RFS shingle roof system. We wanted a beautiful roof that matched solar panels creating an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Can Starling's RFS Metal Shingles be installed at the same time as Solar?
    YES!! That is the most cost effective approach. If you decide to have your new Starling RFS metal roof installed at the same time as your solar, this will cost you less overall on installation.
  • How do Solar Panels Attach to StarlingRFS Metal Roof Shingles?
    Our patented mounting hardware fastens and electrically bonds modules through the bottom solar module frame flange with 8 screws into the deck, completely concealed. It unbolts in case of service, leaving the roof intact
  • Is a Metal Roof loud when it rains?
    No, Starling’s RFS metal roof is no noisier in the rain or hail than any other roof. The myth that “metal roofs are loud” stems from people experiencing metal roofs in uninsulated barns and outbuildings.
  • What is RFS?
    RFS stands for Roofing for Solar. The Starling roofing system is the first roof specifically designed for commodity solar modules. Our talented engineers created the Starling RFS metal shingles and hardware to easily integrate with solar, functionally and aesthetically; which is why roofers love the Starling RFS system.
  • Can any contractor install a StarlingRFS Metal Roof?
    The Starling RFS system is designed for easy and fast installation. It is meant to be accessible to roofers with typical skills and tools using asphalt shingle. If your contractor is unfamiliar with the Starling Roofing For Solar products, we are happy to discuss with them the benefits of our metal roofing solution and share install materials, manuals, and talk through any technical questions.
  • When will my new Starling Roof and Solar start paying me?
    As soon as the system is interconnected to the grid and given “permission to operate”. Physical equipment installation takes a day. City and utility approvals can take longer (days to months). Check out NREL’s SolarApp+ to find data on how your local jurisdiction is doing.
  • My roof contractor is not familiar with with Starling Roofing for Solar products what should I do?
    No problem, we would be happy to contact them to introduce them to our new, cutting edge Starling RFS system. Please let us know how best to reach them.
  • Are there different metal roof colors available?
    Black goes with everything! The Starling black shingles match black solar panels making an intentional aesthetic that matches any home architecture style. The results are a beautiful roof (that pays!) Yes we can do different colors, but there is a custom color charge for it and it won't have the same homogenous aesthetic with the solar panels that the black shingles have.
  • How do I know if Metal Shingles are the best choice for my home?
    The Starling RFS Shingle is for sloped roofs of 3:12 up to 12:12. Starling RFS metal roof shingles last longer, and are more weather resistant than asphalt shingles, they are easier to install, and they are better for the environment than traditional roofing materials. And when paired with solar, they will actually earn you money over time!
  • Won't a black Metal Roof absorb heat and make cooling my home less energy efficient?
    No. Even black metal outperforms most lighter colored asphalt shingles because it reflects more light and is separated by a small air gap from the roof structure.
  • I am an installer, how do I find out the cost of the Starling Roofing for Solar Products?
    We would love to hear from you and have the Starling RFS products added to your customers’ options. Please send us an email and we will provide you costs and any additional info.
  • Who are the RFS Metal Roof Suppliers?
    Please contact us and we will direct you to installers and/or distributors that carry Starling Roofing For Solar metal shingles.
  • Will Starling's RFS Metal Shingles get damaged when it hails?
    No, in fact metal shingle roofs hold up better to hail than traditional asphalt roofs. Because our RFS shingles are supported closely by plywood decking, very large hail can cause minor dents. The RFS Shingle paint and textures have been specifically designed and selected to conceal dents so that shingles don’t require replacement.
  • Will Starling Metal Roof Shingles rust?
    After many years of service paint fade or chalking would be the first aesthetic difference to show. Rust can occur after the corrosion resistant coating wears off (50+ years) or if deep scratches cut through the paint and galvanization.
  • How do StarlingRFS Shingles hold up to fire?
    The Starling Roofing For Solar metal shingles are fire-resistant and meet the highest Class A rating.
  • How does the StarlingRFS Metal Roof hold up in the snow?
    Starlings RFS metal shingles shed snow well. For key areas where snow should be retained such as over doorways, we can provide an approved snow guard.
  • If I get Solar with my StarlingRFS Metal Roof, how long until it pays for itself?
    That is a great question! It depends on your energy consumption, electric utility rates, and the size of your roof, but generally we see a return on investment in about 12 years. By electrifying your home (switching heat/ac to heat pump, hot water to heat pump, electric vehicles) you can speed up the payback and lower your overall energy costs. A regular roof without solar never pays for itself.
  • What does "A roof that pays" mean?
    When we say “A roof that pays,” we literally mean a roof that pays! Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a roof that just sits there, When integrating solar into your new Starling RFS roof, it pays by offsetting energy bill costs.
  • How much will a new Solar Roof set me back?
    Send us your roof size and we will send you a free estimate
  • How much will installing Starling help reduce my Carbon Footprint?
    According to Boston Solar on average, residential solar installations compensate for about 8460 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That is the equivalent to keeping your car off of the road for a year! Our metal roof currently has 2.49 tons of CO2 emedded, or 50 kg/year at a 50 year life. Asphalt is currently 1.3 tons/roof. or 54 kg/year at 25 year life. We intend to move to a steel manufacturing process to reduce this by an order of magnitude.
  • What makes a StarlingRFS roof sustainable?
    The RFS shingles are made from corrosion resistant steel, not like traditional asphalt shingles which are made from fiberglass, petroleum, and gravel which end up in a landfill. Starling RFS metal roof shingles can be recycled when they need to be replaced.
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