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Starling is the only company that has developed a product to help the current roofing and solar companies take advantage of the market shift to solar roofing.

At Starling We Have The Capabilities To Scale Solar Roofing At An Exponential Rate.

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Every home and every business in America has a roof, and every roof has solar potential. Our patent pending innovative roofing solutions make integrating solar an easy, and obvious choice. We plan to reinvent the building industry by bringing Starling products to every corner of the country. Our manufacturing, distribution, and install projections make investing in Starling a smart choice.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can be a part of the Starling movement to create immediate and impactful change.


Solar Experts

The Starling team of engineers has extensive knowledge in the roofing and solar industry. With backgrounds at companies such as Tesla, Solar City and GAF. They have developed and certified over six different integrated solar roofing systems. They are experts and have quite possibly designed more solar and solar roofing products than any other three people on earth.

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